VisionBank provides a variety of services to fit your needs, from notary and safe deposit boxes to a vast array of progressive technology eServices including mobile banking, and mobile check deposit, and Apple Pay. At VisionBank, we give our customers the technology they need to manage accounts efficiently and safely in the digital world .

Online Banking

Online Banking is the staple to all eServices. It has become a commodity that countless individuals and businesses cannot live without. VisionBank offers this core feature to every account holder. Join the Online Banking community and take advantage of managing your account at your convenience. 

Mobile Banking

While Online Banking is the staple to eServices, Mobile Banking is the gateway to a complete digital experience. Mobile Banking provides you the opportunity to have VisionBank at your fingertips. Think of it as carrying your own personal teller around with you, everywhere you go.

Choose from VisionBank’s mobile app, iPad® app, or mobile web browser.


Mobile Check Deposit

Make a deposit conveniently from anywhere using your Smartphone or iPad®. Using VisionBank’s Mobile App you have the ability to snap a picture of your check and deposit it to your checking or savings accounts.

Mobile Check Deposit is easy, convenient and secure.


Apple Pay

Apple Pay is an easy and secure way to make payments using a digital wallet service. Use your VisionBank Debit Card with Apple Pay for a convenient checkout experience with your iPhone® 6 and Apple Watch today.



Go paperless. Recycling paper is great, but not using the paper in the first place is even better. VisionBank offers E-Statements to all account holders using Online Banking. Notification of new statement availability is sent right to your email, saving you time while working to reduce the environmental impact on the world.


Bill Pay

VisionBank's Bill Pay allows you to pay virtually anyone or any company through VisionBank's Online Banking account. You determine who you want to pay, when you want to make the payment, and the account you want the payment to come from.


Debit Cards

VisionBank’s Debit Cards will simplify your life by linking directly to your checking account allowing you to make purchases at millions of locations where Visa® is accepted.


Wire Transfers

Receive or send cash safely through VisionBank. Wiring money may not be what it once was, but when you need it, VisionBank will be there. Wire transfers allow you to receive or send cash. VisionBank makes it safe and easy.

  • Reliable money transfer
  • Nominal fees apply

Safe Deposit Box

Keep your most important documents and valuables safe by storing them in our vault. We all pray that it never happens, but in case of fire, flood, or theft, your valuables are much safer in our vault.

  • Protects your most valuable valuables
  • Very safe and private
  • Added peace of mind

Contents within safe deposit boxes are not FDIC insured. Please check your homeowners insurance (or other insurance agent) for coverage of personal items in safe deposit box. (Note: Many insurers offer lower premium on valuables kept in a safety deposit box instead of at home.)