Bill Pay

VisionBank's Bill Pay service, allows you to pay virtually anyone or any company through your VisionBank Online Banking account. You determine who you want to pay, when you want to make the payment, and the account you want the payment to come from.

VisionBank now offers a new, enhanced online bill payment service. 

Bill Pay saves you time and money versus sending payments through the mail.

Why use Bill Pay?

  • Save time - It takes only minutes to pay your bills each month. You save time on trips to the post office and writing checks. Features such as recurring payments allow you to set up a schedule to pay your bills automatically.
  • Save money - Bill Pay saves you money on postage, late fees, and checks.
  • Stay organized - Your payment history is stored online so you won't have to file and sort through paper receipts.
  • Gain peace of mind - You can schedule payments in advance so you won't have to worry about paying bills when you travel. Bill payment reminders are also available that notify you it's time to pay your bill.
  • Helps the environment & saves paper - There are no checks to write or envelopes to mail. 

Simplify your life with VisionBank's Bill Pay.

This video shows how you can make payments, track payments and manage finances all in one convenient place.


How to Make a Payment?

You can make single or recurring payments using Bill Pay.

  • Single payments are payments that are made one time only.
  • Recurring payments are payments that are made regularly such as weekly, monthly, etc. for the same amount, such as mortgage payments or subscription services.

How to Add a Payee?

You can add a company payee, such as your cell phone or insurance provider, or an individual payee, such as your electrician or friend.

To add payees first, from the "Payments" tab select "Add a Payee." Once there, select the type of payee you wish to add.

How to Pay a Bill?

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How to Pay a Person?

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