Notice of Error Reporting

How to submit a Written Notice of Error or Request for Information

Your written notice of errors or request for information should include your name, information that enables the Bank to identify the mortgage loan account; and an explanation of the error. A notice submitted on a payment coupon or other payment form is not considered a notice of error. Please submit your written notice to any VisionBank location, Attn: Loan Servicing Dept.

The error resolution requirements apply to the following types of errors:

  • Failure to accept a payment that confirms to written requirements;
  • Failure to apply an accepted payment to principal, interest, escrow, or other charges as required;
  • Failure to credit a payment as of the date of receipt;
  • Failure to pay taxes, insurance premiums, or other charges in a timely manner as required by the escrow provisions; or refund an escrow account balance as required;
  • Imposition of a fee or charge that Bank lacks a reasonable basis to impose, including a late fee for a payment that was not late, a charge imposed for a service that was not provided, a default property management fee for consumers who are not delinquent, or a charge for force placed insurance. 
  • Failure to provide an accurate payoff balance within 7 days;
  • Failure to provide accurate information to a consumer regarding loss mitigation options and foreclosures, as required by the early intervention provisions;
  • Failure to transfer accurate and timely information relating to the servicing of a loan account to a transferee;
  • Making a first notice or filing required by applicable law for judicial or non-judicial foreclosure process in violation of the loss mitigation procedures of this rule; 
  • Moving for foreclosure judgment or order of sale, or conducting a foreclosure sale in violation of the loss mitigation procedures; and
  • Any other error relating to the servicing of a consumer’s mortgage loan.