President's Message

Topeka is a diverse community. Our city is teaming with young, college students and active retirees alike; we have one foot on a steady path to industries with innovative technology, and the other rooted in generations of farm and ranch life. 

At VisionBank, we not only recognize this diversity, we embrace it. This is why we've developed a wide range of products and services. The business owner looking to expand their enterprise has different needs than a college student expanding their horizons. We've tailored unique and exciting options for our clients no matter what station of life they are in.

We take our role in the future of Topeka life seriously. So serious we took the name VisionBank from day one. Our team of experienced banking professionals will help you reach your vision for a brighter, more secure tomorrow. We adhere to a philosophy of providing the best products utilizing the best technology, partnered with a level of personal customer service that is impossible to receive at large, corporate banks. 

To our customers, we extend a heartfelt thank you for our relationship. For those of you who are not yet VisionBank customers, we invite you to join our community and look forward to the opportunity to help develop your own customized financial plan.

In the end, we're more than just your bank; we're your neighbor. We don't answer to a mysterious board in some faraway location. We answer to you.

Best regards,

Gary Yager