.bank - Keeping You Safe and Secure


VisionBank is committed to keeping you safe and secure. We’ve recently made an important investment in the future of our website and email security.

On December 27th 2019, we are migrating all of our website pages from www.visionbanking.com to www.visionbanking.bank. We see this as an important change which has allowed us to create a trusted, verified, more secure and easily identifiable location on the Internet for you to conduct your banking business with us. 

Why did VisionBank make this change?
For you! The use of .bank means enhanced security and verification requirements have been met in order to reduce the risk of cyber threats and enable us to continue to build a highly-trusted, more secure environment for our customers. It’s one more way we’re looking out for You.

In 2008, ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), an entity responsible for the stability and unification of the Internet, approved a program to open up thousands of new domains. This allowed for expansion from the commonly used ones such as .com, .net, .edu and .org to many others, including .bank. In response, a coalition of banks and financial services trade associations partnered to establish one entity to operate, control and limit access to .bank.

.bank is protected, trusted, more secure and easily identifiable. Approval to use a .bank domain is ONLY eligible to verified members of the global banking community including banks, bank regulators, and bank-related core processors.

What else will change?
Email, at the same time we are migrating our email from .com over to .bank as well.  With the same protected, trusted, more secure and easily identifiable benefits.

Will visionbanking.com still work?
We anticipate our .com domain will continue to operate for some time to come. At some point, we will discontinue access to it and encourage our customers to use .bank for all transactions or emails.